Fiscal Year 2022 Community Project Funding Requests


Congressman Kweisi Mfume has submitted funding requests for important community projects in the 7th Congressional District of Maryland to the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations (“Appropriations Committee”).

Under guidelines issued by the Appropriations Committee and U.S. House of Representatives (the “U.S. House”), each Member may request funding for up to 10 projects in their community for fiscal year 2022 – although only a handful may actually be funded. Projects are restricted to a limited number of federal funding streams, and only state and local governments and eligible non-profit entities are permitted to receive funding. Additional information on the reforms governing Community Project Funding is available here.

In compliance with U.S. House Rules and Appropriations Committee requirements, Congressman Mfume has certified that he, his spouse, and his immediate family have no financial interest in any of the projects he has requested.


Projects Requested


Congressman Mfume is requesting funding through the appropriations process for the following projects to help Maryland’s 7th Congressional District:


Project Sponsor: Mission First Housing Development Corporation
Project Name: Patuxent Commons
Project Location: 6441 Freetown Road, Columbia, MD 21044
Requested Amount: $500,000                                                                                                                 
Project Description: Patuxent Commons is a new construction project that will be an inclusive, mostly affordable intergenerational 76-unit apartment complex in Columbia, MD with 25% of units set-aside for adults with disabilities.  The project was conceived by parents who are members of the Howard County Autism Society to provide critically needed affordable housing for their sons and daughters and other community members with disabilities.  An extensive range of community-based organizations and public and private sector leaders have also participated with HCAS and Mission First in the planning of the project.  It will adapt an award-winning housing model in which neighbors of different ages, abilities and incomes commit to providing one another with reciprocal social support.   (Link to Member Financial Disclosure)


Project Sponsor: Liberty Community Development Corporation Inc.
Project Name: Liberty Community Development Youth Center
Project Location: 6901 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244
Requested Amount: $500,000
Project Description: This funding will establish a new 13,000 square foot community youth center located in Woodlawn, MD. The facility will include a gymnasium, computer lab, meeting and training rooms and will be a safe place for youth and their families. Programs and elements include workforce development, re-entry, after-school program, male and female mentoring, leadership, health and wellness, crime prevention, educational enrichment, social interaction, cultural enrichment, life skills, sports and fitness. The youth center will also provide adults with the opportunity to participate in various training and development programs to include parenting and family enrichment, home ownership, marriage enrichment and financial literacy.   (Link to Member Financial Disclosure)


Project Sponsor: Coldstream Homestead Montebello Community Corporation
Project Name: Baltimore's Tivoly Triangle Eco-Village
Project Location: 2700 block of Tivoly Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218
Requested Amount: $3,768,739
Project Description: The requested funding will support capital public infrastructure improvements for the Tivoly Triangle Eco-Village project, the new construction of an innovative mixed-income community in Northeast Baltimore City that will feature net-zero energy, low-carbon footprint homes with a mix of 80 single-family, detached and townhouse units and plentiful greenspaces. The project will establish the first residential microgrid community in Maryland that will supply 100% of the necessary power, heat and hot water for the community. The Eco-Village will be certified LEED for Neighborhood Development and the Community Clubhouse will serve as a State of Maryland Resiliency Hub. All homes and the Community Clubhouse will be certified LEED Platinum and connected to an 800 kW microgrid powered by a solar pv system and battery systems gas-turbines. The Eco-Village will also feature 8 solar carports and electric vehicle charging stations, rentable electric vehicles, a bike share kiosk, and an outdoor community garden. The homes will be locally manufactured by Blueprint Robotics – a Baltimore housing manufacturer that uses computer-based design and robotic technology to manufacture the framework and housing system.   (Link to Member Financial Disclosure)


Project Sponsor: Baltimore Public Markets Corporation
Project Name: Revitalization of Pennsylvania Avenue Market (The Avenue Market)
Project Location: 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217
Requested Amount: $2,000,000
Project Description: This project will revitalize of the iconic Avenue Market in Upton and will provide critical healthy food access, sustain farmers and farms from across the metro area, while also supporting entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and provide more career path jobs.   (Link to Member Financial Disclosure)
Project Sponsor: Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore, Inc
Project Name: Mill on North Food Hall
Project Location: 2636 W North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21216
Requested Amount: $850,000                                                                                    
Project Description: This funding will allow for construction of a new food hall serving the needs of residents of West Baltimore and students and faculty at Coppin State University, a Historically Black College & University (HBCU).  The funds will support the build out of 7 vendor stalls providing opportunities to local entrepreneurs and employment opportunity to local residents.   (Link to Member Financial Disclosure)
Project Sponsor: Mary Harvin Transformation Center Community Development Corporation                                                       
Project Name: Southern Streams Health and Wellness Center
Project Location: 1501 N. Chester Street, Baltimore, MD 21213
Requested Amount: $5,000,000                                                                                                                
Project Description: This funding will provide health and wellness through employment, early childhood education, physical and nutritional parity and mental healthcare to an underserved community in east Baltimore. This project serves as one of the anchor projects of the East Baltimore Revitalization Plan adopted by the City of Baltimore Planning Department in September of 2018.   (Link to Member Financial Disclosure)
Project Sponsor: Artspace Baltimore LLC
Project Name: Ambassador Theater Redevelopment                                               
Project Location: 4604 Liberty Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21207                                                          
Requested Amount: $5,000,000                                                                                                               
Project Description: This project redevelops and transforms the Ambassador Theater into a minority community arts and culture center. The Ambassador Theater is located in the heart of the MD-7th and seeks to provide the community with invaluable arts and cultural community resources.   (Link to Member Financial Disclosure)                


Project Sponsor: Kennedy Krieger Institute
Project Name: Integrated Early Learning Center
Project Location: 707 N. Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21205
Requested Amount: $1,250,000                                                                                           
Project Description: The proposed demonstration site aligns with current, high-priority efforts in Maryland to strengthen results by advancing equity and inclusion for young children and their families, including through initiatives supported by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Division of Early Childhood, Division of Early Intervention and Special Education Services, and Maryland Department of Health Maternal and Child Health Bureau. Kennedy Krieger will establish evidence-based early childhood education demonstration sites that improve social/emotional, functional, and behavioral outcomes for children, with a focus on: 1) increasing access with defined outcomes; 2) advancing equity with meaningful participation; and 3) promoting progress with acceleration to close the learning gaps for young children with special needs.   (Link to Member Financial Disclosure)
Project Sponsor: Mount Vernon Place Conservancy
Project Name: Restore and Revitalize the North and South Park Squares of Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore City
Project Location: 699 Washington Place, Baltimore, MD 21201
Requested Amount: $1,000,000                                                                                                          
Project Description: The funds will support the full restoration and revitalization of Mount Vernon Place, and will enable this National Historic Landmark District to endure throughout the 21st century. The surrounding park squares were redesigned to their current state by Carrère and Hastings in 1917-20 and are now 100 years old. Not only is the physical historic marble and granite fabric crumbling and unstable, but all of its systems are failing as there has been no major investment in the infrastructure since it was built.  This project will restore the historic elements of the squares while making them more resilient for 21st century use and needs.   (Link to Member Financial Disclosure)


Project Sponsor: City of Baltimore                                                                                                        
Project Name: Healthcare on the Spot                                                                                           
Project Location: 1001 E. Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
Requested Amount: $458,370                                                                                                         
Project Description: The Healthcare on the Spot project is a mobile clinic run by the Baltimore City Health Department. The requested funds will assist the project for the operations of a second mobile clinic van that would be deployed to the areas in the city with the most need.   (Link to Member Financial Disclosure)