Member-Designated Transportation Project Requests


The U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (“T&I Committee”) plans to advance surface transportation authorization legislation later this spring, building on H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, from the 116th Congress. Chairman Peter DeFazio announced that the T&I Committee will formally accept requests for projects from Members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The T&I Committee process for considering member projects is separate and distinct from the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations’ process for considering Community Project Funding requests. Projects funded through the surface transportation authorization will be funded directly from the Highway Trust Fund, and they do not require a separate or subsequent appropriation.

Please note:

  • Only legally-eligible entities, including state and local units of government, may request projects. 
  • Project sponsors must comply with all relevant federal laws and regulations.
  • A request submitted by the Office of Congressman Mfume to the Committee does NOT guarantee the project will be funded.


Project Eligibility

Capital projects eligible under title 23, United States Code, and chapter 53 of title 49, United States Code, are eligible for funding requests under the T&I Committee’s project submission process.

The best way to ensure project eligibility is to select projects included in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) or Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), as those projects have already been certified as eligible for Federal Highway Administration or Federal Transit Administration funding and do not require further verification of eligibility.

For projects not in the STIP or TIP, additional documentation is required, including verification about whether the project can be added to the STIP or TIP in a reasonable timeframe, whether the project is on a long-range transportation plan, and verification of eligibility for the proposed activity under title 23 or chapter 53 of title 49 by the relevant federal agency.

Further, project sponsors must demonstrate the ability to fully obligate any funds provided within the obligation window, and must demonstrate a proven ability to finance the remaining costs not funded by the Committee, as well as the required non-federal cost share.



All requests submitted by the Office of Congressman Mfume to the T&I Committee are posted below. As a part of the T&I Committee process, Members are required to certify that neither they nor their immediate family have a financial interest in the requests made.


Projects Requested

Listed below are the projects the Office of Congressman Mfume has submitted to the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on behalf of the State of Maryland, Howard County, Baltimore County, and/or Baltimore City, Maryland (Maryland’s 7th Congressional District).

Project Sponsor: Howard County, Maryland
Project Name: Howard County Flash Extension
Project Location: Burtonsville, Montgomery County to Downtown Columbia, Howard County. US 29, MD 216, Maple Lawn Boulevard, Johns Hopkins Parkway, Broken Land Parkway, Little Patuxent Parkway, Governor Warfield Parkway. Howard County Zip Codes: 20723, 20759, 20866, 20904, 20910, 21044, 21045, 21406
Requested Amount: $3,200,000

Project Sponsor: Baltimore County Department of Public Works and Maryland Department of Transportation, Maryland Transit Administration
Project Name: MicroTransit & Demand Response Electric Transit Vehicles and Infrastructure
Project Location: Owings Mill, Maryland 21127                                                             
Requested Amount: $2,019,012

Project Sponsor: Maryland Department of Transportation, Maryland Transit Administration
Project Name: Dual Locomotives for Commuter Rail Service in the Future B&P Tunnel
Project Location: The Northeast Corridor within the Baltimore and Washington, DC Metropolitan Regions
Requested Amount: $1,000,000
Project Sponsor: Baltimore City Department of Transportation                              
Project Name: Baltimore Greenway Trails Network: Critical Corridor Advancements     
Project Location: Baltimore City, Maryland                                                             
Requested Amount: $4,400,000
Project Sponsor: Maryland Transit Administration and Baltimore City Department of Transportation
Project Name: East-West Priority Corridor                                                                    
Project Location:  Edmondson Avenue, US 40 (Franklin/Mulberry Expressway), N Greene Street, N Paca Street, Baltimore Street, Fayette Street, Highland Avenue, Lombard Street, Bayview Boulevard, Eastern Avenue.  Zip Codes: 21223, 21229, 21201, 21202, 21231, 21224.                                                                                       
Requested Amount: $5,000,000
Project Sponsor: Baltimore City Department of Transportation
Project Name: Russell and Monroe Street Ramp Bridge Replacements
Project Location: Maryland 295 (Baltimore-Washington Parkway), Russell Street, Baltimore City, MD 21230
Requested Amount: $17,000,000


Project Sponsor: Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland, Transit Authority
Project Name: Baltimore Penn Station Multimodal Access
Project Location: 1500 N Charles Street, St. Paul Street, Oliver Street, Mt. Royal Avenue, Maryland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201
Requested Amount: $6,000,000